Our Expertise

We bring a consortium of leading U.S. companies with Over 100 years of experience in agricultural business, technology, management and development including:

  • Feasibility study, farm design, implementation & operation
  • Advanced potato seed production, processing & storage technology

  • Advanced dairy and beef cattle genetics, housing, & herd management

  • Forage and cereal crop development & production

  • Plant Nutrition

Executive Bios

Ted Ayash

Ted Ayash is an accomplished, results-driven entrepreneur with a successful track record of growing organizations through strategic partnerships and innovative business initiatives in the Middle East and Africa. Ted brings over 28 years of experience working with fortune 500 companies focusing on program management and international business development in areas of agriculture, supply chain management, manufacturing,  education, health and nutrition. 
His most recent work involved providing management oversight for the design and development of integrated U.S. agricultural models for dairy, beef, crop, and animal nutrition production at mega farm sites in Africa.  Ted is fluent in English and Arabic, and knows basic French.

Dale Didion

Dale Didion has over 30 years of years of integrated animal and plant production experience and has been recognized for his use of advanced technology in animal production.  Additionally, Dale’s career includes six years serving the President of the United States in the Office of Management and Budget developing, funding and overseeing programs of nation-wide agricultural technology development, conservation and sophisticated animal management programs. Internationally, Dale has worked to develop advanced agricultural production systems in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Central America and South America. Dale has played a significant role advancing organic commodity markets and conventional agricultural systems in the U.S.

Dirk Parkinson

Dirk Parkinson is a third generation producer of potato seed, and commercial potatoes, and cereal grains.
Dirk is the largest potato seed producer in Idaho, which happens to be the largest potato seed producing state in the U.S. His operations involve some of the most sophisticated potato management and growing technology in the U.S. involving irrigation, soil nutrition, and potato planting, growing, harvesting, handling and storage technologies. Dirk is the president of the Idaho Seed Growers Association and is committed to growing, selling and exporting the highest quality seed the U.S. has to offer.

Our consortium partners